Custom look, custom design that you can afford.

Your Web site is never finished, so your hosting fee includes web site updates as needed. 

On the internet, company size doesn’t matter, a good website is a good website and will stand above mediocre sites.

The Wala`au Media difference.

With Wala`au Media, your website is built and maintained with your end user in mind, by a trained inbound marketing specialist. Your new website will be Inbound Marketing optimized with appropriate Keywords, Meta Tags and search engine friendly content. I don't manage existing websites, but I will build you a new one that can do what you need.

Website Services provided by Wala`au Media

  •  Acquire and register custom URL address for website.
  •  Build multipage website including an unlimited number of pages.
  •  Populate all pages with the most current information available.
  •  Produce new, unique content as needed.
  •  Photo Gallery. 
  •  eCommerce built in.
  •  Video content.

Website includes:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Easily updated journal/blog included within the domain.

Starting at $400 for a Small Business package. (plus hosting fee, billed Quarterly) 

Upgradable features:

  • Custom incoming email template (no extra charge)
  • Custom website forms (small charge for complex forms).
  • Custom @domain email is available (no extra charge)
  • Additional support such as ghost blog writing can be built into monthly hosting cost.

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Website Design

Custom Marketing, Email Services, Content Strategy & Curation

Mac and IOS Consultation

I will build your website, host your website, and help you keep your website fresh, at a cost you can afford.
It really is that simple
What kind of Web site do you want? 

Do you already have a website?
Do you have a strategy for all of the content on that site?
Is your site effective, simple, fresh and easy to navigate?


Did you get a new Mac and need help setting it up or moving data between machines or into the cloud? Do you need a lesson on what "The Cloud" is? Do you need help navigating the new Application landscape for your Mac, iPad or iPhone?
Do you need help managing multiple devices?
Let’s Wala`au
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